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Simple and Easy: Buy and Sell Scrap Metal in Kelowna

Looking to get rid of junk or metal scrap and earn some money? Knox Mountain Metals has got you covered. We buy and sell scrap metal in Kelowna, including ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal items.


Many people are concerned about the payments while they are selling. We weigh your scrap and provide you instant payment as per the standards price of the material. If you generate a lot of scrap metal regularly, our pick-up bin services can help you manage everything easily.

Non-ferrous Items

These are metals and objects made out of material that does not have any magnetic property and contains very low iron content. They are lightweight, have excellent conductivity and have higher non-corrosive properties. Given below are some of the metals that we deal in:




Electric motors


Stainless steel



Catalytic converters


Aluminum rims

Ferrous Metals and Objects

Ferrous metals are basically those materials that have iron content and magnetic properties. They have higher tensile strength, durability and hardness. These types of metals can be recycled very easily and are used in every field. We deal with ferrous metals and objects like:

Scrap cars

Oversized scrap metal

Prepared steel (4 feet or shorter)

Cast iron

Tin and white appliances

Call us today to know more or to get answers to your questions.

scrap metal bars and pipes arranged by size
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Learn More about the Scrap Metals We Deal In

There are a lot of considerations that have to be made before we can buy your scrap.

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